OUr Vision

After going to school to study interior design, fashion design, and advertising, I realized that having one area of expertise wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to find a career that would bring together my numerous passions and would allow me to express myself freely.

By chance, I was given a magazine subscription for my birthday. I found
myself methodically executing every recipe to the letter (Yes, my obsessive compulsive disorder was already very strong!) and enjoying every single second of that time I was
taking for myself. The use of rare and superior ingredients made an insatiable curiosity grow inside of me.

One day, I decided that I was finally time for me to quit university and sign up for pastry school; some people thought it was a great mistake! For an entire year, I followed my instinct and let my passion grow. I learned about the importance of basic techniques, use of fresh and quality ingredients and also about the meticulousness that you need for that job.

I started my business with a few cake orders here and there for friends and family. Those few orders quickly multiplied and soon my weeks were filled with cakes for birthdays,
christenings, and weddings.


Today I feel extremely privileged to be able to express myself through my passion and to make people happy. The reaction of someone seeing a beautiful cake or the bliss after taking a bite of a delicious dessert makes me believe that I have found the magic ingredient to every recipe – Passion.

  - Vanessa Letang
  Baker and Owner